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Genera is a 3D printer manufacturer based in Austria. However, the processes are associated with some tedious intermediate steps.
The Austrian company - founded by Dr. Stadlmann - has revolutionized this process with a technique called Additive manufacturing technologies (AMT).
Clean. Safe. Simple.
Genera‘s glove-free handling system is based on an innovative shuttle solution.
Passion for 3D print
Our task was to present these revolutionary processes in simple words and images, thus simplifying communication on the website, conferences, talks and trade fairs. With the help of a prototype component, the process can be simple and uncomplicated.
We are pleased to be able to participate in the brand communication of such a successful startup.
" With the help of clear visual language, Peter has succeeded in getting to the heart of the revolutionary core of our production process."
Dr. Klaus Stadlmann
CEO Klaus Stadlmann
Speaker at TEDx The smallest 3D printer

Pipe Studio

Client: Genera https://genera3d.com
Agency: Brand Unit http://www.brand-unit.com/
Sound: Wunderbros www.WunderBros.com

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