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Wohnpartner is one of the largest institutions in Vienna in the field of community work. More than 150 employees accompany and support the tenants in community housing. They mediate between larger groups of people with different interests and needs.
It was most fulfilling and inspiring to work on this Imagevideo about problems and solutions for social housing.

The potential didn't end there. In cooperation with agency - Bytewood
we created an interactive browsergame.

Welcome to the world of wohnpartner! Explore the community building, get to know the residents and help to resolve their conflicts.  The whole thing is completely interactive in the browser, on all devices - just click on the link and off you go.
Values & Community
In this way, the teams promote awareness of democracy and solidarity. The organization also offers information events and training courses on topics that are relevant to living together.
First steps & Results
Designing each room.
With the help of a flexible character we could minimize work and populate a whole city.

Pipe Studio

Client: Wohnpartner Wien https://wohnservice-wien.at
Agency: Seven
Film Director: Mike Kren https://mikekren.at/
Sounddesign & Music: Flo Machek // wunderbros.com

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