Petrus Funds - Beat the market.
The Start
We were invited by KTHE Team Farner to produce the Image Film of Petrus Advisers.
The Team
Rudi Kobza and his team at KTHE made it easy for us to follow the creative vision.
Focusing on the production of paper worlds, gave us the freedom to dive into this world of texture and haptic.
The Goal
The design of a fully papercrafted world. By following a continuous camera movement through different sceneries we were able to explore topics like green energy and it's future projects.
By studying handmade paper structures from different types of seams and folding behaviour we're able to collect alot of data.
It all started with an Illustration.
We played around with different 3D architectural designs until it felt right.
First paper animation pitch.
We wanted to have an agile superhero that is able to fly an arc while smoothly following the camera. Giving the money bird-like features seemed to be a match made in heaven. (haha)

Sprecherstimme: Manfred Lehmann
Production: Pipe Studio
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